Hi! sorry for the loooooooooong hiatus. I’m working on a new blog. Something more constructive and inspiring like what I really intended to do when I first started this blog but it got way out of hand and I started writing more personal entries. Will post my new blog here in a few days. :)

Hasta Pronto!

nos vemos,

sha ;-)

My People of the Year 2013

Before I end my 2013 and welcome 2014 with a big BANG (!) allow me first to thank all the people who have been such an influence (good or bad) this year. Last year I promised myself that every year, instead of complaining and dwelling on the things I regret doing or the things that I have not done (i.e, those sayang moments hehe), I will dedicate a post for the people who have made a difference in my life :)

Thank you for inspiring me to be the best version of myself. SHARIHAN SAMSON version 2.0!! :)

To Ze Joey Gonzales aka gretchen (haha)

joey gonzales thepictorialist

Joey’s basic formula in life:

KnowledgeOptions Power

Everybody wants to be with someone who knows everything. You learn from them. That’s one of the reasons why I always want to be around this person. He is never a bore and he is such an interesting person. He always has something to say about something. Aaaal-waaaays. So I usually end up saying “ahhhh tlaga? wow that’s something new for me” –thanks joey for always making me feel that I know less than what you know. Eff you. Haha.

I am also a fan of his art and photography. Such a talented person. You can check his work here. Thank you for being such an inspiration jo-eh. I learn so many things from you. Thank you for making me look like a supermodel. Haha. Someday I will be as good as you. IDOL! ;-)

Superman/Astroboy/byu/Poy/”ninja” lol


You make me insane. You keep me sane. You make me human. Thank you. :)

To my thursday group! Kath, Ej, Caren and Dee.


I see them everyday at work for three years now but haven’t really had the chance of getting to know how beautiful this people truly are. Kung dati supladahan lang kame now we are inseparable! :) Let me introduce to you my sisters from another cool parents:

specimen 1: Katherine Manlongat (my smart-ASS friend. haha)


This girl taught me how to be street-smart (and food smart, hehe).

  1. Nakakasakay na ako ordinary bus kahit na naka-dress! :)
  2. Alam ko na ang oras ng may libreng donuts sa Krispy Kreme  
  3. Alam nya agad san ang SALE. :D
  4. Humihingi na ako ng loyalty cards, may suki card na ako Mercury Drugstore pati 7 eleven… (pati na rin sa LayBare! LOL)

She’s very keen in buying things and knows how to handle her finances. Aside from being my kapitbahay, we also became close because we found out that the same guy 2 years ago flirted with the both of us at the same time. He used the same lines and lame excuses. Good thing we were too smart for him..haha! And nagantihan ko na sya sa ginawa sa kanya ng douchebag na yun without me knowing that the vengeance was for her. :-P

specimen 2: Caren Acob (my haciendera friend and reyna ng Ilokandia)


Don’t be deceived by her innocent stare, ok fine, annoying stare rather. You might think she’s naive since she’s from the “kingdom of Isabela” pero wag kayong pagogoyo sa manggagantso na to. LOL! with her I learn that it’s better to know more than to not know. Yes. I just made that up.. hehe my point is lagi syang updated sa “current events” kaya pati kame na rin! :)

specimen 3: Ej Villanueva (coach)


“Knowledge Comes From Experience”. This hot momma has been there and has done that, that’s why we call her coach.  Aside from teaching us how to earn cutie pie points from potential RPC’s hehe, she has activated the nurturing side of the four of us. She patiently listens to all my kadramahan sa buhay with no judgment. Thank you Ej for being the Ate I wished I had. :)

Specimen 4: Diana Henriksen ( Norwegian goddess)

diana henriksen

A real princess indeed. :) With her exceptional looks (gaya nga ng sabi ni kuya sa kanya “stand out” ang beauty nya) you will easily get intimidated by her presence. But once you get to know her you’ll be surprised by how humble she is, a very sweet and loving friend. She’s very Oc-Oc in her weird ways and loves beautiful and girly things. If the food looks beautiful she wont eat it until it expires. ~cough*weirdo*cough~ :P

Cheng Padilla (my BBF — Best Bolera Friend)


When I’m around this girl I always feel special and extra beautiful. She sure knows the right words to woo you. Nag foundation lang ako hihirit na yan ng: “Tf! anong ginawa mo? nakakasilaw ang kagandahan mo sa buong floor!” and in an instant, conceited na ako! haha! She’s also one of my wittiest friends. I think she should work in an advertising industry. Lahat ng banat neto bebenta agad. I’m often the victim of her taglines. Ex: “Sharihan Samson.. ang babaeng nakakalason!”. :P

Tf, thank you for being my sister and my mahigpit na katunggali in Miss Pa******** 2013 (Honestly, I wish nobody wins ;) ) Love you tf! :)

Kawen Awevawo (kah- yeh)

kawen awevawo

This gal sure knows what she wants and how to get it. Prolly one of the most hardworking people I know. One thing this boibe inspires me to do is to travel a lot, enjoy life and appreciate priceless things. :)

Joyce Punsalan (kams)


Kambal, as I’ve said last year.. you are always one of my people of the year EVERY. YEAR. regardless if we see each other often or not – so bale obligasyon na lang talaga to..hehe CHOS-

I’m so thankful to God for giving me a friend like you. Thank you for inspiring me always to do better (and to choose better kahit na matigas ang ulo ko hehe). I will always be here for you specially when you need someone to go with you to the mall para sabihan ka ng “ano yan?? Di mo kailangan yan! Bitiwan mo yan!” :P Love you kams! :)

Abir Samson (my Prim Everdeen)


Thank you for bringing out the Katniss in me :). The reason why I cry on movies about sister love. Thank you for making me strong at times that I feel so weak. Thank you for making me feel valued specially when you seek for my advise and you keep on telling me that I’m the best ate in the world kahit na lang kwenta na sinasabi ko hehe I love you so so so so much and I will always be here for you. No matter what :)

2014 I am so ready for you!!

The First Phone Call From Heaven

TFPCFH is a fictional novel which creates that longingness of others to be able to, once again, talk with their loved ones who have already passed away. It actually made me yearn for a phone call from my grandmother in heaven. :) What I like about Mitch Albom’s latest novel is that he wrote it as believable as his other non-fictional memoirs. TFPCFH has equal parts of hope, doubt and apprehension. A real page turner as the mystery disentangle and takes many twists and turns. It excites me too much that it made me forget to eat lunch and dinner.. hehe..


It’s not really a tear-jerker like tuesdays with morrie but it will sure give you enough emotion to contemplate your own phone call from heaven :)

I also like the snippets about Alexander Graham Bell. Very informative you could use it as DYK trivias for your friends. Overall I rate it 4/5. Cant wait to see Mitch Albom this February! :) :D :)

Merci! :)

I think most of the people always feel like they are deprived, flawed, or incomplete because as human beings, we tend to take things for granted.

Simpleng ka-badtripan lang feeling naten life is sooooo unfair! It’s normal to feel bad especially when you are going through a tough time in life but when you start to think of the things that you should be grateful for, you will realize how truly blessed you are :)

That’s why this year I will start writing the things that I’m thankful for. Be it super extravagant or super small, I’ll write it on a small paper and put it in my “thank you jar”.


I’ll open it on my birthday and by the end of the year as well to remind me of how blessed I am (and this will serve as a simpleng batok na rin when I complain of how life is so unfair to me.. haha)

“We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude”

~Cynthia Ozick

Shake your bun bun!

My friends know how much I love my hair. I like it long and sleek because I enjoy the limitless possibilities of my hair. Wash and wear for a girl like me is a no brainer :-P When I’m lazy I go to work with straight sleek hair and when I’m in my sexy mood I’ll make a little extra effort of curling my hair using papers (para sa mga curious friends ko reserve yan sa next entry ;-) ) What I’m excited to post is about the big hair bun or donut bun tutorial I just learned from watching YouTube. ahhhh.. things you learn from YouTube :D :D :D

 It’s so easy to do and a good turn around when you are having a bad hair day and you just want to spruce things up by looking chic and neat in an instant :) All you need to do is to sacrifice one sock (pakipronounce ng maayos) and make sure its clean or your hair would stink. iww.


cut the edge and roll it in, making it look like a donut (currently craving for krispy kreme original glazed donut while typing…..)

okaaaay.. nawala na craving ko :-P
okaaaay.. nawala na craving ko :-P

So next, tie your hair using a ponytail or rubber band as high as this:

hair bun

or if you like it higher pa okay lang para dagdag drama :) Roll the donut sock (again ayusin nyo pagpronounce..with dignity) from the edge of your hair down to your head or crown.

hair bun

hair bun

Just continue on rolling it down, you might think you’re doing it wrong but trust me. YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT. Kapit lang!

then voila!


hair bun


who would have thought you have an old sock inside that cute bun right? :)

And the bonus here is that after rocking that classy hair do at work, you can just take it off and have a sexy big curls like this:

heatless curls

heatless curls

oh diba? dagdagan na lang ng sexy lipstick ready ka ng pumarty! :) :)

I know… I know.. Narcist ako.. hehe

ciao! :)