That is how K describes our friendship. And yes, I do agree with her, of course I wont do her any favor without something in return. I mean we’re talking about Kawen Awevawo here. That tricky little… Nah! You know I’m kidding right? First she’s not little and second she’s the niceeeeeeeeeeeeeest person I know. She’s one of the person I can throw all non sense questions and she’ll throwback something that makes sense. kairita! hehe. Last week she tricked me and lyra (my other favorite friend) into waiting with her for 2 hours until she can use her car (coding) but of course since gamitan naman talaga ang pagkakaibigan namen we also made her wait for a couple of hours :-P. We drove around Burgos Circle  looking for the best place to eat. And when we say best place we mean somewhere we can eat, chill, be loud and talk about crazy stuff like we usually do so… we decided to go to UCC! Not because it was the best place but because we saw three cute guys dined in..Not the best place but it was the best decision we’ve made, haha! Milkshake lang ininom ko pero yung busog ko sobra! lolololol

As expected we talked about everything! Crazy stuff we did last year. My darkest hour, crazy thing ly did for love, life, people,work, people, people and people gaaaaaaaaaah! We then wanted to eat something “fastfoody” so we walked to Mcdonalds to continue our chikahan. Erm.. Wait lang di ako makamove on sa fastfoody na term.. haha! Anyhoodles, Apart from our chikahan we were also scoring some hotties there. There were the Papa looking ones, the dirrrrrrrty looking ones, the “papakilala mo sa mga magulang mo” looking ones and the “guy from my past” look-alike (at least consistent ako sa taste ko dibey?).


cropped myself because my arms were just tooo HUGE. lol

It was past noontime when we decided to go home because there’s these group of annoying guys from the next table who made us uncomfy, they kept on staring as in stare galore! Hmm. Maybe they were also checking out on us and classifying what kind of look we have, Kapal nyo ha!! Wala kayong K!!! lol =))

PS K suggested that we should buy something that we all have like a white sneakers and make me design on it. Something that best describes our friendship. Yiiiiiiiiiiii! im so excited!


no reason for this pic at all, just needed to update my phonebook photo on ‘you know where’ later.. bwahahaha :X


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