I’m just happy I unlocked all my molome effects so for those who has molome on their blackberry’s please do folllow me.. haha!

baks on her transparent umbrella. she seriously needs to cut her hair!

my new fave at TSG, choco-orange-peanut butter sandwich is L.O.V.E.

vintage. our junk when bessie and I watched magic mike.. *drools*

Lashing Lyra with my Mr Buko Juice. ^_^

Ly with Boo’s Bagets boy.. lololololol

my boooties

shopping date with baks


save the future!

I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

parlo plus crossy effect 🙂

choray chorayan

my blog header.. “sana”


KK! nuff~ just follow me! 🙂


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