Touch my food. Suffer the consequences.

Forgot to blog about my birthday. Lolololol. Well I don’t usually celebrate birthdays. Although I am thankful for being alive for another year of course. We just don’t celebrate birthdays unless my friends or any loveydabs wants to celebrate it with me.

Aug 16, I turned 25, FML I’m old. Woke up at midnight (no I’m not excited its just that I usually wake up at midnight cox my shift is at 3am) and I’m already receiving notifications on facebook and sms from close friends. Well yeah I started feeling special then, I still wanna sleep for an hour that time but I just felt like there’s a need for me to reply to all the tweets and wallposts on my fb..geez thank you guys πŸ™‚

I did curled my hair that night so I’ll feel 25ish.. hehe konek?. Anyhoodles I was running late already and the cab that I rode that night did not made things easy for me. Gave him 500bucks and he said he didn’t have change for that. I gave him “that” look and asked “uhmm..sooo.. What will we do about it?” He just looked down and said “if I had change then we wouldn’t have problems anymore…”. But he was just there… Doing nothing! Grrr what’s wrong with you? Don’t wanna get out of the cab and ask other drivers if they have change? Its my birthday for crying out loud why are you making things hard for me!!!??!!? And I’m friggin late!!!! *sigh*. I inhaled suuuuuuuper deep and smiled at him (yes I smiled wtf) and told him to wait.. Good thing my oh so favorite ‘The Sandwich Guy’ was just outside the office. Bought my fave orange-choco-peanut butter sandwich *love!* and SOLA.. Didn’t wait for my sandwich I hurried back outside to give manong my fare kakahiya naman kasi sa kanya eh!, then I told him to take care. Whoah! I’m so nice.. Still can’t believe it. Haay I just really want to start my day right.

I already txted my supervisor that I’m already at the office before 3am and hope she won’t think that I was late cox I curled my hair, it was really manong drivers fault hehe

Logged in on my computer and saw my birthday email blast.. Too bad I don’t have a soft copy of it,I would love to post it here. I’m just touched that the engagement team would make an effort to edit all my gorgeous pics and give that kabogerang pinageffortan na birthday greeting. Special thanks to joe starr for the effort! Soooo sweeeeet. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

Logged in on the office comm and everybody was just greeting me.. I just felt loved! *tears* πŸ˜› some took an effort to go to my (cave) station and greeted me personally (special mention: Rayn and Jace kasi tiga ibang floor kayo kaya naappreciate ko yung effort πŸ™‚ ). Although some were asking for me to treat them, cheh! We don’t celebrate birthdays! (But we accept gifts..lololololololol). Then lyra went to my station (erm.. She’s just two PCs away from me) and greeted me, chismisan ng onte, then my bessie wancho butt in:

bessie: bu-we-seigh!!! You have food??
Me: *distracted* none..
Bessie: *eyeballs got big* HOW. DARE. YOU. Pointed at my sandwich.
Me: ohhh! I’m sorry! That’s actually for you I forgot!!
Bessie: no bessie!! You’re just so selfish ever since!!!
Me: I’m distracted ok!! This is for you talaga!!!!
Bessie: give it to me!!! (kapal talaga ng mukha)

Lyra: wag ka ngang istorbo naguusap kame eh!!

*and the kulitan began….*

Ly went back to her PC and made a confe convo between me, bessie and herself. Bessie was asking about a certain issue he had with a cc rep and gave us his sid. We checked his photo on our phonebook and erm.. Hmm.. I promised to be nice so if you ask me to descibe him I’d say he looks mabait πŸ™‚
Then suddenly the hyper lashing lyra added kuya ‘garduce’ on our confe and said: “hi kuya _____, birthday po ng kaibigan nameng si SHARIHAN SAMSON.. Please greet her!!!” I just shouted lyra’s name from my station.. LYRAAA NAKAKALOKA KAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Bessie and I closed that chatroom, and ly continued on chatting with kuyang mukhang mabait. After a couple mins that guy gave me a ping and greeted me and asked when and where we exactly met. I replied with my last blogpost’ title “What the if!!!!” Lolololololol

Super laughtrip with ly and bessie!

God, why do I have crazy friends!? πŸ˜€

During lunchbreak lyra went with me and we just ate at jolibee.. Haha! para maiba naman..

I received a call from my kumareng Lotis, she was as perky as ever (she’s inlove eh), she sang ‘happy birthday’ in her kundiman version as I requested. Lolllll. Thanks sa effort mare, love you. Then I asked her what her wish for me was. Three of my female friends were wishing for me to have a lovelife. I was hoping lotis would NOT wish the same thing for me. I sweeeaaaar if someone else will wish for me to have a boyfriend I will kill a teddybear!. Seriously I’m not looking for one, I just wished for a better career! Haaay. Good thing lotlot knows me best. She gave me the most touching bday wish that day. It was actually what I was praying for. CLARITY. She wished that I will soon find out what I really want in life. Waaahh! Sometimes I feel like lotlot knows what I’m thinking without me saying it. Konektado talaga siguro bituka namen neto.

I also received a call from JAPAN! from my other kumare rhudaina.. πŸ™‚ she sang happy birthday in japanese. Hahaha! Soo kuhlet! I needed to end the call cox I was walking along the roadside. She promised to call me back but.. Aynako! Hehee love you mare thank you!

Bessie kept on asking me what are my plans that day.. I always answer him with “I don’t know.. *insert mala-puss in boots na nakakaawang face*. When my shift that day was over I told bessie I wanted to eat champorado. Janjan was waiting for him already and I was like delaying him..wahahaha being one of the most gentleman person I know, bessie can’t just leave me there. Mwahahahaha! Thanks bwessie for not leaving me on my special day. πŸ™‚

He then offered me if I wanna hangout at their place and watch dvd before I go home. I gave him my super duper perky YES. Dama ng bessie ko na loser ako that day at wala akong pupuntahan. lolololol.

We watched “every breathe you take” which stars angelica panganiban and piolo pascual. It was a feel good movie and me and bessie just kept on laughing specially on scenes where the girl acts soooo bakla.
Angelica’s line:

“Ganyan talaga ang LOVE! Buwis buhay! Laslas pulso!

– I guess in some ways that’s true. When you decide to fall in love it is taking risks..”Buwis buhay”.. You’ll just have to trust that it’ll work out.. If it doesn’t.. Then, feeling mo laslas ka na lang ng pulso! Haha joke lang. Chaka. Magmove on ka agad, sayang ang ganda. πŸ˜€

“Ayoko ng maging gullible!!!”

personally, it hit me! I’m so gullible at times. Feeling ko lahat may magandang intensyon saken. Maybe I just believe in all the goodness a certain person has to offer. CHAROT. Uto uto lang tlaga ako at times. Brrr. BUT! Isang malaking BUT! Di na ako papauto! Praning na kung praning,, iisipin ko lagi may masama kayong intensyon sakin! Mwahahahaha! Charaught lang ulit yun!

“hindi ako sanay sa tinapay na walang laman*

-referring to piolo’s abs.. Lolololol. La lang laughtrip lang. Wag kayong mangealam birthday ko eh.

Kk! We also watched THE HOLE. Don’t wanna talk about it. It suck.

My fave part that day was rolls royce and carbonara janjan cooked for me! Janjan is soooo sweet my bessie is so lucky to have him πŸ˜€ the pictures are at the end of this post. Azar, when you blog on your blackberry you only have two options on where to post your photos- top or bottom- so kwento muna bago photos diba? Hehe anyhoodles just wanna thank my Bessiest Bessie in the whole world wancho for making me feel uber special that day! Love you my friend!! Salamat at nagpuyat ka!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

my new fave! rolls royce! *love!*

my new fave! rolls royce! *love!*

tuna carbonara! Touch my food. Suffer the consequences :\

tuna carbonara! Touch my food. Suffer the consequences :\

look! my champorado is happy to see me! :)

look! my champorado is happy to see me! πŸ™‚

HBD to me! :)

HBD to me! πŸ™‚

photo of my bessie and me :)

photo of my bessie and me πŸ™‚

PPS: I already have a copy of my kabogerang pinageffortan na pic by joe! πŸ™‚ thanks again joe! πŸ™‚

oha! oha! hahahaha! kabogera! lol

oha! oha! hahahaha! kabogera! lol


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