Chronicles of a Certified Babaero

Have you ever been swept away by whom you thought was your prince charming? He says the right words but you know that there’s something wrong. Well actually, YOU KNOW he’s doing something wrong, you’ve SEEN it, HEARD it, but he made you believe in him so much.. You were cast under his spell making you believe that he always have a good reason behind every crap and his love seems enough to make an unforgivable sin look so shallow to fight over. I have a bad news for you honey….  You have been hooked!   hooked by a babaero.

Worry not ladies, here are my tips on how to unhook yourself from this fucked up bastards.

First, lets identify this pakshets..

Pakshet of the same groupie are the same pakshets.

These loverboys are charming.. Their gaze are enough to wreck your substantially strong wall of frigidness. Well not all of them are charming, some of them are just friends with the goodlooking ones. Yes. They come in groups ladies. I know some gross-looking dudes na nakukuha pang mambabae because they are friends with the gwapo ones. My bessie calls them the “Beautiful Disaster” (BD). So just in case you’re eyeing on someone whom friends are with this kind of reputation. drop it! save yourself! ruuuuuuun! habang di ka pa nahoohook!

They are groupies because they need someone to validate that what they are doing is okay. Lakas kasi makagwapo noh? *pathetic* They also share their “babaero” tips that can help the BD’s. Lakas maka-support group ang peg! 😛

Demanding and Jealous

These pakshets are jealous because he or she is afraid you will treat them the way they are prone to behave. You might feel a little kilig because you might think he’s THAT crazy about you but seriously most of them are controlling and demanding because they are afraid of their own doings. A bitter taste of their own medicine. So dahliiin… if your partner constantly accuses you of things that you do not do then I suggest you better start thinking. think! think! think!

Mahilig din sila sa reverse psycho.. try confronting them about some scheme they made and they’d bring it back to you. At the end of your convo they’ll make you feel like you were the one who did something wrong. smart bastards.


Do I seriously need to explain this? Always remember, di sila nagpa abs para sa isang babae lang.

Okay I’m done. Always remember! Trust your intuition!

Alam mo na yan. Bye.


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