12-cubed! :)

12.12.12 is the century’s last sequential date and I plan to do something crazy. For some 12.12.12 is doom’s day, others plan to make this day remarkable in their lives by making it their wedding day, or forcing moms to go on labor lol.. and also, those unhappy ones who keep on blabbering on how it’s just an ordinary day and attack their friends on facebook who post something about it, jeeez.. get a life.. If you don’t want to make a big deal out of it then just zip!



Er.. So anyway.. as I was saying, one of my bucketlist that day was to kiss a stranger or shoplift something from a convenience store *evil smile* or just do something that’ll make that day unforgettable. After our shift I waited for my bessie wancho who was, during that time, enjoying his FWB at work– (Free Wifi Benefit—di ka ba naka-plan??? cheret. hehe )


Wasted almost two hours of my precious time with him when we finally decided to go out. I really wanted to watch rurouni kenshin or, if you are a 90’s anime fan, it’s actually popularly known as Samurai X.


I was not at all surprised when people clapped after the movie. To say that the movie was good is an understatement, it is an uhhhhhhhh-mazingly wicked samurai movie. Though I expected sanosuke to be quite handsome (yung parang sa anime series!) pero najustify naman nya with all his funny maangas gestures and riveting punches.

ganito sya dapat kapogi! :)

ganito sya dapat kapogi! πŸ™‚

yiii.. kilig <3

Kilig din ako kina kaoru and kenshin ^_^ Though I didn’t really like kaoru being too much damsel in distress since she’s supposed to be skilled and feisty like in the manga and anime series.

wancho: I wanna be a samurai!
me: di pa pwede bessie, you have to be a HARD BEKI (refering to the beki we saw sa office who runs like kenshin in the movie) lol

The “hard beki” samurai run..lol


I heard there is a sequel for this movie so Imma review my manga and I’ll definitely watch it πŸ™‚


While bessie and I were busy chitchatting about the movie like we were ten years old, a college student from Lyceum approached us and asked if we would like to give any donations for a charity who provides scholarship programs for kids who cant afford to go to school. Hmm.. napaisip ako, instead of kissing a random stranger (I was just bluffing I’m not that type) or shoplifting at 7-11 (again, joke lang to, di ko pinangarap maging kriminal) why not help kids go to school? I was a scholar as well when I was in college (thank you OWWA-CMSWP! πŸ™‚ ) so I blithely donated some moolah and they gave me a token in return πŸ™‚


Like them on facebook! πŸ™‚


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