Dead Teddy Bear.

Here are the list of things that makes me want to kill a teddy bear.

1. Sales person who friggin shows me a dark liquid which they often refer to as dirt and adding their “magical product” until the liquid becomes colorless. Telling me their product cures all mother effin illness where in fact they just showed me a simple oxidation process. I know my chemistry dude. Back off!


2. Me sitting on an EMPTY waiting area then suddenly.. someone sits next to me. PERSONAL SPACE PLEASE!


3. While walking somebody bumps me/blocks my way/steps on me and apologizes in a way that only her conscience hears it. Save your “sincere” apology. I don’t need it.

4. Loud people (hindi ako nagpaparinig sa mga tiga back office ahh), please.. If you’re in a public place lets say, er.. in the office pantry, have the friggin courtesy to minimize your voice. I don’t get it when you have to talk to the extent that others (meaning me, myself and I, who does not care about you, and what you ate or what happened to you while walking 10 friggin minutes ago) would have to hear your ear-damaging voice. And please while you’re at it DON’T EFFIN BABY TALK if you’re 40 something years old for crying out loud!!


5. Women that say I don’t get along with other girls very well” or “I can’t handle their kaartehan eh.. it’s just not me”.Puhhh-lease! These women implies that every other woman is not good enough. They believe that the only logical conclusion is that the problem lies within every woman that they have ever encountered. Ohhh for the love of vodka, just because men will sleep with you doesn’t mean they want to be your friend. It simply means they want their “magic mike” to befriend your “you know what”. *eyes rolling*


6. Girls (and boys of course) who cheats and posts on FB or twitter on how “it is never okay to cheat” or whats with the movies today? All about having third-party .. blah blah shit..” I do believe that it’s NOT okay to cheat. But please, I don’t want to hear that crap from you. Practice what you preach dahlin’. 🙂 Which brings me to…


I love facebook, I’m always online. It’s one of the easiest way to keep up with your loved ones and friends whom you haven’t heard of for years. I just can’t seriously ignore the inappropriate posts that’s killing my news feed.

Journal Postings.

8am “just woke up! 🙂 “

8:15am “Hmm.. what am I having for breakfast?”

8:30am “Eating Tapsilog with ice-cold choco drink with the love of my life..”

9:00am “I’m bored.. what to do? what to do?”

–Do yourself a favor. Buy a friggin journal or bring your rubbish to twitter!


Posting your friend’s not-so-appealing photo. Please. If you know that it’ll put your friend to shame. Just email her and make fun of it privately. Don’t post butt naked photos of her peeing or stolen shots of her picking up her booger. Seriously?

you're dead meat when she wakes up.

you’re dead meat when she wakes up.

Posting your undying love to your significant other.

It’s cute if you just wanna shout-out that occasional “I love my boyfriend forever and ever blah blah..” but to post it ALL. THE. TIME. is kinda sickening. Who are you trying to convince.. me or you? You don’t need to constantly inform the world about your endless love just to validate that its real.


Specially when you’re saying sorry about something, you don’t need to post all your drama online for the world to see

“babe, I’m sorry if I was such a brat. I love you forever and ever. Please don’t be mad at me. please? please?”

Dafuq. Don’t you have cellphone load? Or can’t you personally apologize? I bet he’ll appreciate it more honey. Don’t harass my news feed!


If it’s too personal then don’t post it!!

Status: I’m so tired of crying. ENOUGH.
Comment: ohhh.. what’s wrong dear?
Reply: Nothing. It’s too personal.

–Wtf. Then don’t effin post it if it’s too personal!


And of course the thing that I totally don’t understand is when you post something and you were the first one to hit like on it. Honey, the reason why you posted that photo, or quote, or whatever in the first place is because you liked it. Liking the post itself is too redundant and such a loserish move. Especially when you’re the first one to comment on it by mentioning and thanking everybody who liked it. Jeeeeeeeeez.




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