The First Phone Call From Heaven

TFPCFH is a fictional novel which creates that longingness of others to be able to, once again, talk with their loved ones who have already passed away. It actually made me yearn for a phone call from my grandmother in heaven. 🙂 What I like about Mitch Albom’s latest novel is that he wrote it as believable as his other non-fictional memoirs. TFPCFH has equal parts of hope, doubt and apprehension. A real page turner as the mystery disentangle and takes many twists and turns. It excites me too much that it made me forget to eat lunch and dinner.. hehe..


It’s not really a tear-jerker like tuesdays with morrie but it will sure give you enough emotion to contemplate your own phone call from heaven 🙂

I also like the snippets about Alexander Graham Bell. Very informative you could use it as DYK trivias for your friends. Overall I rate it 4/5. Cant wait to see Mitch Albom this February! 🙂 😀 🙂


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